Keep Bed in Place on Floor

Keep Bed in Place on Floor to prevent bed moving and sliding. Anchor Gripper™ furniture gripper works to stop bed moving on hardwood and all hard floors.

keep bed in place on floor

Anchor Gripper™ stops bed moving with various sizes in round and square shapes.

Keep Bed in Place on Floor with Anchor Gripper™. This is a unique furniture gripper pad that contains a dense fiber center and two outside layers of natural rubber. Anchor Gripper™ is made in USA and is 3/8″ thick. The rubber surfaces contain a unique texture that works to grab and hold all furniture to the pad and it grabs and holds to hardwood and all hard floors. Unlike other furniture floor pads, there is no sticky tape to use, simply place under furniture and it starts working to stop bed moving.

Many beds sit directly on a hard floor surface and tend to move and slide on the floor. When someone gets in or out of the bed, it tends to slide and this causes damage to the floor, as well as possible damage to any adjacent walls. Anchor Gripper™ stops bed moving with a variety of sizes in square and round shapes. Choose from tan and gray color in 2 inch up to 6 inch in size. Simply choose the closest size Anchor Gripper™ to the bed leg size, place under the bed leg and bed will stop moving and sliding. Anchor Gripper™ even works to stop bed frames with wheels.

Anchor Gripper™ is used to keep bed in place on floor such as hardwood, wood, tile, vinyl, laminate and all types of hard floors. It is offered on its web site in sets of four and ships within 24 hours. It is available to ship within the USA, Canada and Australia.

Stop Recliner Moving on Floor

Stop Recliner Moving on Floor with DURA-GRIP® Furniture Floor Gripper. DURA-GRIP® sits under recliner base and prevents sliding and moving on any hard floor.

stop recliner moving on floor

DURA-GRIP® works under any recliner to prevent any movement.

Recliners on hardwood or any hard floors can easily move and slide when in use. This can scratch the floor and damage close walls. DURA-GRIP® is meant to be placed under the recliner feet or base to keep it in place and prevent it from moving. Unlike other gripper pads, DURA-GRIP® is not glued or nailed to the recliner. It is simply placed under the base, grabs to the base and floor and recliner stops moving.

Stop Recliner Moving on Floor to prevent severe damage to your floor and walls. Many recliners are heavy to scratch and dent the floor and walls. DURA-GRIP® allows the recliner to be used in any position without any movement at all. Some recliners have four feet and some have one base that sit on the floor. DURA-GRIP® is available for either setting and truly acts to prevent recliner moving at all.

DURA-GRIP® is made in USA of a dense fiber center and natural rubber outside layers. The gripper pad is 1/2″ thick and is so dense that it prevents recliner penetration to the floor. Natural rubber layers grab to and hold to recliner and floor to stop recliner moving on floor. DURA-GRIP is available in ten standard sizes and shapes and is available in custom sizes and shapes for any recliner base. Simply submit the size and shape of your recliner base and Rug Pad Corner® will make the DURA-GRIP® gripper pad to stop your recliner moving.

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Stop Sectional Sliding

Stop Sectional Sliding on any hard Floor

Stop sectional sliding on any hard floor with DURA-GRIP® Furniture Gripper Pad. DURA-GRIP® simply is placed under sectional legs and prevents it from moving and sliding, guaranteed.

stop sectional sliding

Stop sectional Moving with DURA-GRIP® Furniture Gripper.

Stop Sectional Sliding and moving on hardwood, wood, tile, vinyl and any hard floor surface. One of the biggest issues with a sectional sofa on any hard floor is the fact that it tends to move every time we use it. Until now, felt furniture pads are available to prevent scratches to the floor. These do not stop the sectional from moving. DURA-GRIP® gripper pad protects the floor and stops sectional from sliding.

DURA-GRIP® is made in the USA by Rug Pad Corner. It is a 1/2″ thick dense fiber pad with natural rubber on the outside. The rubber contains a unique texture that acts like a suction cup under the sectional and grips to the floor. Unlike other furniture gripper pads, DURA-GRIP does not contain any sticky tapes, adhesives of glue. It is simply placed directly on the hard floor under the sectional leg and immediately prevents moving and sliding.

Stop Sectional Sliding on hardwood, tile, vinyl, concrete, laminate, stone and any type of hard floor surface. DURA-GRIP® natural rubber surface grabs to the floor without any damage. It also grabs to sectional legs and keeps sectional in place on the gripper pad. DURA-GRIP® is extremely dense to prevent sectional from penetrating to the floor. This prevents damage to any floor.

DURA-GRIP® is available in several sizes in square and round shape. Choose the next closest size to the size of sectional leg for best performance. DURA-GRIP® is available in a set of eight gripper pads.

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